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Chrissy Metz’s Weight Loss Journey – How She Lost 100 Pounds

Chrissy Metz’s Weight Loss Journey – How She Lost 100 Pounds

Learn about actress Chrissy Metz's inspirational 100+ pound weight loss journey. Discover how she overcame obesity, bullying, and depression to find self-acceptance. Read about Chrissy's life story, diet changes, and fitness routine that helped her get healthier. This in-depth article motivates anyone struggling with weight and body image issues.


Chrissy Metz’s weight loss has got people talking. The actress who plays Kate Pearsons in the show This Is Us is an actual role model for women. Chrissy Metz’s weight loss story has inspired many, irrespective of age and size. Moreover, the show’s creator, Dan Fogelman, supported her in her weight loss journey. She lost weight at her own pace, promoted body positivity, got the big dollars, and eventually showered with Emmy nominations! Read on to know how Chrissy Metz started losing weight and what keeps her going. Her story can surely inspire you to excellent health and wellness.

Chrissy Metz's Weight Loss Journey

Who Is Chrissy Metz?

Chrissy Metz is a well-known American actress celebrated for her role as Kate Pearson in the hit TV series This Is Us. She was born on September 29, 1980, in Homestead, Florida, and began her acting journey in 2005. Her compelling performance on This Is Us in 2016 achieved widespread fame. Her talent has earned her nominations for a Primetime Emmy Award and two Golden Globe Awards. She is also a gifted singer and performs with her band ‘Chrissy and the Vapors.’

Outside of her acting career, Metz authored a memoir called ‘This Is Me: Loving the Person You Are Today.’ Keep reading to learn some more quick facts about Chrissy.

Quick Facts About Chrissy Metz

Full Name:Christine Michelle Metz
Age In 2024:43 years
Early Life:Raised in Japan and Florida
Early Career:Worked as an agent for talent management companies
Debut Film:Loveless in Los Angeles (2007) as Bonnie
Family:Two siblings and two half-siblings
Awards:Recipient of Screen Actors Guild Award in the category ‘Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series’
Chrissy Metz

Beyond her professional achievements, Chrissy Metz has been candid about her struggles with body image and weight, becoming an advocate for body positivity and self-acceptance in the entertainment industry. Her openness has inspired and resonated with many people around the world. Learn more about her issues with weight in the next section.

Childhood Weight Loss Struggles – The Beginning

Like many of us, Chrissy Metz struggled with obesity from an early age. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Chrissy said, “I was born chubby, and as I got older, at different times in my life, I was thinner or more active or playing sports, but I was always a chubbier kid. My friends could eat whatever they wanted, but I knew that if I ate certain things, I would gain weight as a kid. I had to be aware of what I ate.”

image 6

She also opened up about the reality she faced as a kid. Even though her mother loved her, Chrissy always felt that her mother loved shopping and trying on clothes with her two younger and slimmer sisters. That must have been heartbreaking. And this is why she identifies with the character Kate Pearsons. She said, “I remember attending Weight Watchers when I was 11. I was the youngest person in the damned room, and it was awkward. My mom was trying to figure it out, but it’s a process. Kate wants her mom to be happy with her… [and] Rebecca (her on-screen mom, played by Mandy Moore) just wants her daughter to be happy and, of course, not be made fun of and just live a normal life. No matter what, somebody is going to pick on you for something. It’s a complicated dynamic, and it is heartbreaking.”

Acting Happened By Chance – What Will Play A Crucial Role In Her Weight Loss

image 7

Before her acting career began, Chrissy Metz was a preschool teacher. She told Marie Claire magazine that she had taken her sister to an audition and ran into an old teacher who had also encouraged her to audition. She said, “In my heart, I was like, ‘Yes, I would love to,’ but I was too afraid of my own shadow.” However, she took the plunge and got a call the next day. And within a year, she headed to Los Angeles to audition for a pilot season. According to her mom, Metz said, “Mom, I’m going to live my dream.”

Career And Weight Struggles

After attending LA and numerous auditions, Chrissy Metz started working as her agent’s assistant! It sure paid her bills, but she told Marie Claire mag, “I was like, ‘This isn’t fair, I didn’t come here for that.” But sadly, she had to work as an agent for a while. In a candid interview with Harper’s Bazaar, Metz admitted that scheduling auditions for other actresses was more than painful. She said, “Scheduling auditions for the talent was like watching your boyfriend take out another woman every single day.”

Before landing her famous role in This Is Us, she lost 50 pounds on her then-agent’s advice, only to put 100 pounds back on. According to Chrissy, she was suffering from depression, and she felt like she was “eating my feelings,” meaning that she was chained by emotional eating, which led to a lot of weight gain. On her 30th birthday, she had a panic attack and had to be rushed to the hospital. And this is when Chrissy Metz took a step back and had to rethink her weight loss strategy.

How Chrissy Metz Lost 100 Pounds

After the incident, she started taking self-care more seriously and more responsibly. All she did was go on a 2000-calorie diet. She started avoiding most unhealthy foods and walking 20 minutes every day. And this made a massive difference to her physical and mental health. She lost 100 pounds in 5 months. Of course, she took time to lose weight this time, but she was in a much better place mentally than before.

Soon after the success of her show, she landed a role in American Horror Story, where she had to wear a fat suit. And this was the second eye-opener for her. Metz said, “It was sobering… I thought, ‘What if I become that heavy and can’t walk around or get stuck in the doorframe?’ I was like, ‘I don’t want this for me.'”

How Chrissy Landed The Job On This Is Us

After American Horror Story, there was no looking back for Chrissy. She knew she would have to go on an audition, and she continued doing that. She told Glamour, “I kept auditioning, with no savings and no money, credit card debt gaining interest…I went on unemployment. I bought ramen noodles at dollar stores. I never had to — God forbid — live on the streets; I moved in with a roommate who told me, ‘Stay with me until you can afford rent. Don’t give up.’ People who supported me were like, ‘If you don’t have money for food, I’ll cook you dinner. You don’t have money for acting class? Let’s get together and read lines.'” it’s evident that good people around her supported her when she needed it the most. She admitted in The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon that she had only 81 cents in her bank account and just enough fuel in her car to get to the audition of This Is Us. Also, when it came down to her and one other actress who auditioned for Kate’s role, she was sure they would not select her, as the other actress was slimmer! But Dan Fogelman’s sister was also struggling with weight loss, and he knew that Chrissy would be best for Kate’s role.

Also, Chrissy was going through the same issues as Kate, so playing her was more relatable. Metz said, “She was a real woman who was struggling, and all I could think was, ‘Oh my God, I’m Kate.'”

Chrissy told the Deadline, “The script was incredible from the moment I started it; it felt different. I desperately wanted an audition and begged my agent for the opportunity to read for casting. This was a role that finally broke down the real issues behind weight: inadequacy, codependent relationships, and living in the shadows.”
Thankfully, the show was a hit, and Chrissy could finally open up about her real struggles and pay her bills while she continued progressing! But is she bound by a contract to lose weight? Find out in the next section.

Is Weight Loss Mandatory In Chrissy’s Contract?

Many speculated that Chrissy Metz had signed a contract requiring her to lose some weight. However, that’s not the case. She told People that her contract does not need her to lose weight. But she will start living healthy as it is both Chrissy’s and Kate’s fitness journey toward a better and healthier lifestyle. She said, “In our contract, it did state that that would be a part of it, to lose the weight in the trajectory of the character as she comes to find herself.”

She also said, “Why not have a motivation beyond me to get to a healthy weight? Every actor does that. We’re chameleons. We change, we grow as an actor… you lose weight, you gain weight,
you change your hair or whatever.” Chrissy also stated on the Ellen DeGeneres Show, “Like most actors, we are chameleons, so we play different roles; like Christian Bale lost all that weight for The Machinist,'” That makes sense, right?

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Why This Is Us Is Important For Chrissy Metz To Lose Weight?

This Is Us happened at the right time for Chrissy. She said, “The show is educating people that people who are overweight don’t just sit in a corner eating themselves into oblivion. The food is the symptom; it’s not the issue. When you put the food down, the issues come up. And that’s what we need to be talking about.” And that’s why, she said, “We create art and movies and television…because someone somewhere needs to know that they’re not alone.”

Through Kate’s journey, Chrissy loses weight with determination and gains confidence. And that’s what she wants for all of you who are struggling. And the best part is many women can relate to her. She told Glamour, “I’ve had women — average women, older women, teenagers — who say to me, ‘Your role and this show has changed my life.’ That makes all the struggle, all the ramen noodles, all the times when I couldn’t pay my bills, all the times where I was like, ‘I can’t do this,’ worth it.”

Chrissy Metz faced many challenges on her weight loss journey. Let’s look at her diet plan to get where she is today.

Chrissy Metz’s Diet Plan

Chrissy Metz’s approach to health and fitness reflects her dedication to her overall well-being. While she has never publicly shared her exact diet plan, she has been open about her journey toward a healthier lifestyle accompanied by good food habits.

Chrissy committed to her well-being by adopting a balanced 2000-calorie deficit diet. She focused on healthy choices, mindful eating, portion control, and avoiding drastic cuts in food intake.

She incorporated whole organic foods, like oatmeal, vegetables, and fruits fiber-rich, into her diet to aid her weight loss and curb cravings. She also had six small meals daily to prevent hunger and minimize stress-related snacking due to past eating issues.

Her diet may also have featured nutritious carbs, beans, proteins, and vegetables, with occasional cheat meals for balance. Lastly, she paired her diet with a good exercise routine to kickstart her fitness journey. Learn more about it in the next section.

Chrissy Metz’s Workout Routine

Regarding her workout routine, Chrissy Metz has highlighted the importance of staying active. Her approach to fitness revolves around consistency and finding physical activities that bring her joy.

Chrissy is said to have added various activities to her workout routine: cardio exercises (like walking for 20 minutes and cycling) and possibly weight or strength training with a personal trainer guiding her five-day-a-week routine. She also enjoyed daily brisk walks and found solace in yoga and meditation.

It is important to note that Chrissy Metz promotes body positivity and self-acceptance, advocating that health and happiness come in various shapes and sizes. Her journey inspires those trying to accept their body and seeking a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Chrissy Metz’s Weight Loss Journey

  1. How much weight did Chrissy Metz lose?

    Chrissy lost over 100 pounds through diet and exercise changes. She went from weighing close to 250 pounds down to around 150 pounds.

  2. How did Chrissy lose weight?

    Chrissy adopted a balanced 2000-calorie diet focusing on nutritious foods like oatmeal, vegetables, fruits, and lean proteins. She also started walking 20 minutes daily and added cardio and strength training routines.

  3. What motivated Chrissy to lose weight?

    Chrissy was motivated to get healthier after suffering from obesity since childhood. A defining moment was having a panic attack on her 30th birthday that led to a hospital visit.

  4. Does Chrissy’s contract require her to lose weight?

    Chrissy’s contract for This Is Us does not require her to lose a specified amount of weight. But she is dedicated to living a healthier lifestyle.

  5. What is Chrissy’s diet plan?

    Chrissy eats a 2000-calorie-per-day diet emphasizing fiber-rich whole foods, vegetables, fruits, lean proteins, and healthy fats. She has six small meals daily to prevent hunger.

  6. What is Chrissy’s workout routine?

    Chrissy does 20-minute daily walks plus cardio, like cycling. She works with a trainer five days a week for weight training and strength exercises. Yoga and meditation are also part of her routine.

  7. How did Chrissy gain more self-acceptance?

    Playing a character struggling with weight on This Is Us gave Chrissy a platform to discuss her experiences. She now promotes body positivity and advocates for self-love at any size.

  8. How can Chrissy’s journey inspire others?

    Chrissy shows that small, consistent changes to diet fitness and self-acceptance can lead to excellent results over time. Her perseverance through hardships motivates others.

    Infographic: Things To Learn From Chrissy Metz’s Weight Loss Story

    Chrissy Metz’s weight loss transformation story resonates with most of us. It is relatable and makes many of us feel heard and seen. There’s a lot that we can take away from it and be more aware of our bodies. Scroll down to check out the infographic for some valuable lessons from Chrissy Metz’s weight loss story.

    Chrissy Metz’s weight loss can inspire millions of women as her journey to a fitter and healthier self has seen her face and overcome many challenges with perseverance. She has not only faced bullying and struggled with self-confidence issues but also battled depression and anxiety to get to where she is. A crash diet helped her lose 50 pounds. However, the weight bounced back, and she gained a hundred. As an emotional eater, it was challenging for her to go on a diet again, but then she started the 2000-calorie diet and, within five months, lost the 100 pounds she had put on. Many women can take inspiration and motivation from her to become fitter and healthier by making more robust and better choices.

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